32 GB Memory card for N1,450 - Click here or Call 07032628111 for enquiries
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  1. When auction starts, timer is paused until there is a first bidder
  2. Auction will automatically close in 48 hours after first bid
  3. Any bid received when timer has less than 1 minute to close resets the auction count-down timer to 1 minute!
  4. Robots may be used to bid when enabled for some auctions
  5. Bidders are expected to monitor the auction until it closes
  6. Failure of winner to claim item won within 24 hours, by paying the balance, could lead to forfeiture and item re-opened for auctioning again

How to Bid (You Pay only when you win)

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  • ₦100.00 is required to participate in this auction
  • Use gift cards to fund your account if you have less than ₦100.00 in your account. You can buy gift card here or call us now on +2347032628111!
  • When you bid and win, you pay the balance within 24 hours and claim your item
  • When you bid and lose, you are refunded so that you can use the funds to participate in other auctions


  • When auction is live, data seen is approximate and refreshes every 30 seconds to reduce requests hitting the server
  • You can always refresh page to make timer more approximate
  • Feel free to use both manual and robots to place bids
  • Auction will never finalise if there is a robot with a bid higher than the last bidder
  • If you have an item that you wish to auction, contact us here
  • You can setup your display name from settings, and that name will appear when you bid for any item
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